Do you really apply the mask

2016-06-11 319
Choose the right mask
Chip it is very convenient to use, but in the final analysis, chip mask is a cured through beauty liquid non-woven, purchasing dawn.the careful not to buy a flaunt function of the goods to buy, what whitening pale spot to yellow acne face lift and compact, more function formula more chaotic, the less suitable for daily, and the risk of allergies, first assign replenishment moisturizing to, not too greedy. Be able to try a few more, to find a suitable facial mask.
Many of the altered species from removable methods can be divided into washing type, tearing type, disposable type (sleeping mask). Most of the mask is washed. Tearing type sounds very terrible, bigger to damage the cuticle, advocates the abandon, mask texture is gentle going to sleep well, do not take the time is an excellent choice. Specifically the washed style mask is not the same texture, mud mask cleaning effect is good, gel mask refreshing and comfortable, paste mask effect balanced, not busy time, they still have a good enough a washed style mask, has played a significant role in the process of pleasure, Xiaobian favorite. Vanilla Gehuan Yan raise scheduling skin mask, is a good choice Qing Yan balancing mask, and Yan Shurong mask, gentle texture, pure traditional Chinese medicine composition, a significant effect, not easy to allergies, more suitable for Chinese skin.
Deposited mask
Select the mask, will talk about how to apply, our goal is to make the mask effect to play fully and delightfully.
This is the break degree
Chip mask although convenient, but also to carefully apply, first aim at eyes, attached to the face, and then from top to bottom, from the center to both ends, with your fingers to bubble fully out of the way, let the mask completely docile in the face. Attaining cooperation steamed face is good, no steaming the face, take a small pot of hot water, with a towel head and the pot cover inside, the hot air will make the pores open, to absorb more moisture.
Double open type correction mask can also do so, wash finished face while the skin slightly wet, apply the mask, texture thick mask to mask brush, avoiding the eye and lips, if mud mask, in the T zone Tu more, and then steaming the face, because some mask dry quickly, a ceiling light face moisture, if no time steaming the face, advocated in the mask deposited a layer of plastic wrap, don't forget to nose eyes leave a window, if feel so trouble, can buy a silica gel mask, a treasure there is many, affordable and convenient, adhere to the water mask, let the skin absorb the nutrients in the mask of the nutrients. If it is sleeping mask, it is not necessary to do so, can be put on the pillow towel, avoid dirty pillows
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