Massage bed ten major series, you know how much?

2016-06-11 302
[introduction] is widely used in beauty salons, health clubs, physiotherapy hospital, bathing place. Its unique structural design is helpful in the physical therapy process each function demand, facilitates the massage teacher to carry on the corresponding operation.
The purchase is a big problem, the variety, the efficacy of more specialized, more detailed differentiation, so that we can more difficult to choose which is more suitable for the end? Below we bring you know ten mainstream design series: Audio relax series / tepid physiotherapy series / photo therapy series / steam physiotherapy series / Aqua Therapy Series / massage physiotherapy series / step back massage Series / shampoo massage Series / TCM Massage Series / acupressure body series
Audio relaxation
Music audio vibration, trigger vibration device, to make the physical vibration of acoustic music and the human body to form a harmonious resonance, make human body blood flow and cause the muscles to relax; and through music bass, festival together feeling, texture, telepresence and feelings of euphoria, regulation and improve people's mood.
Two, warm physical therapy
The far-infrared carbon heating blanket or other heating device, make the bed fever, strengthen the blood circulation, and there is no sense of baking, safe and comfortable, just like the warm arms of the beloved.
Three, light therapy
Design of LED lamp device, can emit various color light, through the induction light harmonic mood. Different color color create different mood SPA! Such as blue make people happy.
Four, steam therapy
The use of fumigation sweating detoxification physiotherapy principle, todetoxification beauty care function, promote the body The new supersedes the old.
Five, aqua physiotherapy
Aqua therapy, also known as massage bed, water bed with buoyancy sleep, sleep dynamics, warm in winter and cool in summer, hyperthermia, the effect of hyperthermia, perfect shaping the six big advantage, placed on it, let you enjoy the unprecedented Aqua spa.
Six, push the oil physical therapy
Massage, mainly in leather with more exquisite, leather passing through the special craft processing, in ensuring the leather soft and is close to the skin texture, with anti oil, acid and alkali, the same hard, not cracking resistance, low temperature etc. characteristics.
Seven, step back massage
Character design, with lying in the groove, convenient customer to hunker down, hold hands, in various parts of the body get relaxation, also stepped back bed also has strong bearing, firm and reliable, for high strength massage.
Eight, hair shampoo
For the hair salon new custom, shampoo, hair, massage, multi function settings.
Nine, Chinese massage
Chinese massage is a massage for the specific parts of the human body (meridian, acupuncture points, nerves) to clear the meridians, conditioning nerves, to eliminate the pain of a health project. Chinese massage is the main requirement is stable and convenient storage massage supplies.
Ten, body massage
Refers to the body, mainly starting from the point of view of use of massage, according to demand of massage, can adjust the bed height, bed back and leg lifting effect meet any massage position, display shiatsu massage techniques.
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